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    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to APPW
    • Download your Workbook and Worksheets here.
  • 2
    Judging Your Prophetic Words
    • L1 Judging
    • Judging Prophetic Words - Instructions
    • Judging Quiz
    • Judging Answers
  • 3
    Processing Your Prophetic Words
    • Worksheet: Activating Prophetic Identity
    • Examples of Identity Statements
    • Activating Worksheet - Step 3 Picture Yourself
  • 4
    Mobilizing Your Prophetic Words
    • Mobilizing
    • Activating - Steps to WAR with Your Prophetic Words
    • Activating Worksheet - Steps 4 & 5
    • Wrap-up
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    Next Steps...
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This course consists of thre major parts. In each section, you will be filling in your worksheets in addition to viewing slides to guide you along the way.

  • Judging Prophetic Words

  • Processing Prophetic Words

  • Mobilizing Your Words

Dan Lacine


  • Dan Lacine

    Dan Lacine

    Dan facilitates the Prophetic Ministry at Destiny Church in Rochester. He is a teacher, coach and presenter and has practiced hearing God's voice for over 20 years. Dan travels with Pastor Rod Marquette to run practice labs during the Hearing God class. Dan teaches classes on Prophetic Training and Activation, Immanuel Journaling, and Unlocking Your Night Dreams. He inspires people to look for opportunities every day to share encouraging words with people they encounter.

About this course

What to do with my prophetic words?

You’ve completed a “Hearing God” class or a Prophetic 101 course where you began to recognize the many ways God speaks. You received prophesies and “encouraging words” from others and you’ve transcribed some. Now you are poised to take those words and apply them to your life. In this course, you will learn the criteria to judge those words, you will process your words and make plans to put them into action (mobilize them). Once you step toward the potential words, they will become active in your life and not just a hopeful wish or blessing that has passed.

Prerequisite: Your transcribed words

Have the transcriptions of your prophetic words ready. We'll be using them extensively in this course.

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